I was able to avoid surgery in both my legs and continue playing the sport I love all because of the MAT treatments I received from Shannon Maixner. I can now run and play soccer without pain or limitations. She is the reason I can be the collegiate athlete I am today! It was such an impactful experience that I am thinking about pursuing it as my own career!
— Delaney - MAT Client
Fitness Focus was the perfect match for me. Marge used creative solutions and gave me exercises I could incorporate into my daily routine. These were easy yet effective and made it so I could have a healthy last session of college tennis. I have recommended this Physical Therapist and Fitness Focus to friends and family. Marge Iaizzo and the staff at Fitness Focus were extremely helpful and friendly and I always felt like they had my best interests and goals in mind.
— Melanie - Physical Therapy Client
This was the best experience I have ever had with a personal trainer (Matt Zellmer)...I did not feel anywhere near ready for college soccer, but now I can confidently say I am 100% ready for the season.
— Sydney (College Soccer Midfielder/Forward) - Personal Training Client
Fitness Focus brought new meaning to ‘coordinated care’ when tackling my painful and debilitating rotator cuff injury. Marge Iaizzo, Renee McCoy & Shannon Maixner (Physical Therapy, Pilates, and MAT, respectively) developed an integrated treatment plan that has me pain free and functioning at a level far exceeding treatment goals and expectations. The final coup - no surgery! What a team! The collaborative environment at Fitness Focus is another added benefit of working with this exceptional group of professionals.
— Mary - Fitness Focus Client since 2010
My training with Matt challenged my physical limits and pushed me to a new level. We increased my max speed while decreasing my 60 yard dash by over a half second
— Grant (College Baseball Shortstop) - Personal Training Client
I can move where I was weak before. I was previously told by a healthcare provider that my hip pain was bursitis and if it became too painful I could get a cortisone shot. Then I came to see Shannon and she fixed it! No cortisone shot needed!
— Ellen - MAT Client
I have been a client at Fitness Focus on 3 separate occasions for Physical Therapy with Marge over the past 10 years. My experiences have all been positive thanks to the great staff and welcoming atmosphere. Marge and her treatment plans have far exceeded my expectations. Her knowledge, caring nature and intuition have kept my failing shoulder, knee, and now neck moving without need of medication or surgery. She is not satisfied until she sees true progress. “Good enough” is not in her care plan!
— Diane - Physical Therapy Client
The experience was great. My back pain went away very fast and everyone was so nice and helpful. My Physical Therapist (Linnae Wagner) was great and helped me every step of the way - all of my goals were met.
— Jasper - Physical Therapy Client
I went for months last year to a different Physical Therapy place with no improvement at all. This place is spot on and Linnae knows her stuff. She found ways to help me understand what I needed to do and kept me on track. She also taught me what I could do at home so I can be in control of my health.
— Nancy - Physical Therapy Client