Fitness Focus has a team of certified personal trainers who offer a wide variety of approaches to meet the personal training needs of all clients. We will develop the right type of training for your goals and your unique physiological characteristics. Fitness Focus trainers deliver top of the line care designed to meet individual needs, with an emphasis on education. Education is a very important component of any exercise program - we strive to educate our clients so they can lead an active and healthy lifestyle.

One-on-One Personal Training is the most effective way to achieve your individual health and fitness goals. If you have trouble staying consistent with your workout regimen, have been sedentary for an extended period of time, or are training for a specific sport or goal, personal training is for you. This One-on-One training provides accountability, individualized training to teach safe and proper technique, foundational movements and fundamentals to achieve your goals, and a more private setting if you don't like that big gym feel.

Personal training sessions are 55 minutes long and can include any of the following modalities: strength and conditioning, sports performance and Pilates. Semi-private and group training sessions are also offered.It is our job to tailor your personal training sessions to your individual needs and goals.