More than Fitness Focus.. 

Bob & Shannon Maixner are the owners of Fitness Focus, a personalized fitness center that has been providing physical therapy, MAT®, and wellness services such as Pilates, Personal Training and Sports Performance Training since 2003. 

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A passion for wellness - Helping others with their physical wellness was the catalyst that prompted Shannon and Bob Maixner to start Fitness Focus in 2003. Shannon, a physical therapist, Muscle Activation Technique Master Specialist, CSCS and Pilates Instructor is called to help others with their physical well-being. She is determined (or should we say obsessed) to find a solution to her client’s physical problems. The balance in their marriage of 25+ years, Bob’s business experience takes care of the organizational requirements which allows Shannon to focus on client care.

A unique approach - When their youngest child started kindergarten, Shannon was ready to re-enter the Physical Therapy and Pilates profession but had no desire to go back to a corporate physical therapy practice where she would see 20 patients a day. This prompted the Maixners to start Fitness Focus where Shannon could develop the type of facility that she envisioned.  Once she was back treating patients, Shannon came across Muscle Activation Technique(MAT), a revolutionary approach to rehabilitation and training.  She has spent the last 10 years studying and perfecting her skills, is a Master Specialist, and is among a select few that are instructing MAT.  Fitness Focus embodies Shannon’s vision of how physical therapy and wellness services should be delivered, namely:

·       Optimizing an Individuals Physical Function and Fitness Level:  The goal is to educate our patients in the prevention of movement problems and its accompanying effects, thus, avoiding expensive surgery and long-term dependence to prescription medication.

·       Maximizing PT-Patient Contact Time:  Our approach is more hands on and individualized, allowing 60 minutes for most patients (versus 20-30 minute therapist contact time at other clinics) to develop a customized action plan.

·       A holistic approach:  We focus on restoring function to the whole person, not just the body part.  Fitness Focus incorporates a combination of Physical Therapy, Pilates, Muscle Activation Techniques, Personal Training, Massage Therapy, Essential Oils, Yoga and Sports Performance Training – all working together to ensure that you receive the most comprehensive, efficient and results-driven care possible.  We also understand how important it is to continue physical therapy during and after recovery from an injury or surgery – it is crucial to continue therapeutic exercises.  We believe it is important to provide a tailor made approach to building and maintaining a patient’s overall health – no two people are the same.

Growing Sphere of Influence:  Over the past 14 years Fitness Focus has been blessed to grow to what it is today with a staff of 4 physical therapists and 6 wellness professionals.  Our clientele are all ages and athletic abilities for which we strive to provide one thing in common – individualized musculoskeletal health care with a holistic approach to restore their lives to the fullest. We measure our success by the number of lives that are able to return to the activities they love.