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Youth Soccer Athleticism Training

Soccer Athleticism Training
Every Monday & Wednesday @ 4-5 pm

Athletes:  Designed for young athletes 5th-8th grade (boys or girls)
Dates:  November 2nd - December 21st (No session 11/23)
Location:  Fitness Focus in Mahtomedi, MN

Cost:  $280 for the entire program

This is a HIGH ENERGY program that blends our knowledge & experience with your hard work & determination to make you a BETTER OVERALL ATHLETE. 
6-part educational series for parents on raising athletes
Pre-program and post-program athletic testing
Post-program personalized analysis for each athlete
Nutritional recommendations for athletes to optimize training
Safe strengthening of core, upper extremity and lower extremities
Training of correct athletic techniques of sprinting, jumping, backpedaling and cutting
Speed, agility and power training will include the use of:  Plyo Boxes, Nike SPARQ Blocks, Agility Ladders, Speed Hurdles, Resisted Running Recoils & High Speed Treadmill

Instructor:  Dr. Matt Zellmer - Doctor of physical therapy who is also a registered athletic trainer and strength and conditioning specialist
Experience in training soccer athletes ranging from youth to collegiate players